Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Cooper B. Bakly

So, I have this dog named Cooper. His nick name is Bear though. (Well, I am the only one that calls him that.) I love him! He is the cutest little cockier spaniel ever. He is only about 14 weeks old and loves us all to death. His fur is a Carmel chocolate brown with a small patch of white on his nose and on his chest. Kind of like he is wearing it like a scarf or something. However, my favorite part about him is his feet. They are the best. In stead of having straight, normal feet, they point outwards. Almost as if he has ballerina feet. When I have had a really long or hard day he always seems to know. He will run up to me or snuggle in my lap, as cozy as ever, and it just makes me smile. The best is when I am playing with him and he tries to paw my face. I know it does not sound that great, but it makes me feel like he is really enjoying playing with me. It helps me give him more personality. Also, when you are scratching his chin or under his ears, he will wrap his paws around your arm like his doesn't want you to go. He always makes me smile and always makes me feel wanted. Even if no one else does. Sometimes, usually on Saturday, he will some how get into my room while I am still asleep. Even though i know I have a million things on the floor that would interest him, he runs straight to my face. After he gets me up he smashes him self against my head. Or finds a way to get under my covers. When I give him "that look" he gives me a look to. A look that seems to say Please let me stay. I promise I will be good! Some days I do let him stay. But only for a minute or two. He is still a puppy and like most puppies, he does not stay in one place for long. Cooper loves to explore even though he may have just explored it that same morning. Everything seems to fascinate him. Of course, he is not always smiles and giggles. He can get on your nerves. Like when he gets in the trash can and starts ripping up things you really did not want ripped up. Or when he has an "accident" on the carpet in the living room. Especially when he treats your little brothers like chew toys. I guess they kind of had it coming but still, it gets ya ticked. But no matter what my dog does, I still love him to death. And something tells me he loves me to.

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