Wednesday, October 21, 2009

End of Term

This week is the end of the term. That means that school is 1/4 of the way done!! Which means I am that much closer to being a senior. Even though I love that we have the year split up into sections, it is just so stressful! Making sure you have the grade you want and getting all your stuff in on time. Students were supposed to do all that long before this week, but we are all guilty of procrastinating. I am not as concerned as is see my peers are. What is killing me is all the end of the term tests. Maybe I had done great on all my homework and tests up to that point, but along comes that dreaded beast daring to squash your grade flat! I am a horrible test taker for one; I break under pressure. So I feel that these tests are just created by the devil to kick me off my high horse. Not all tests are the same because some are easier than others. However the ones like math, art history, and U.S. history really kill me! I took my math test and got a C, (Much better than my first test) and that kept me at a B+ which I am totally happy with. I also have taken my art history test and I am sure I bombed that one. Luckily I did an extra credit assignment that was worth 50 extra credit points. So I am pretty covered there. Now all thats left is my U.S. history one. I am confident that I will do alright because the teacher is very nice, I just don't feel like I know all the material. So that is where I stand with the end of the term. But hey, only 3 more terms to go!!!!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Michael S. Greenwood

I am going to tell you the story about how I met the most amazing boy ever. It started in seventh grade. I was young and was in love with being in junior high. I had a lot of friends and was very wrapped up in my self. There was this one boy, Michael Greenwood. At first, I did not think much of him. He was funny yes, but I was too involved with my self to pay much attention to him sadly. The year went just as fast as it came and before I knew it, I was in eighth grade. I don't remember seeing much of Michael that year. I was in a relationship that consumed most of my time and thoughts. Again the year seemed to phase out with a lot of heartache attached to it. The summer after eighth was one of the best summers I have ever had. I had just had a messy break up and became really close to my best friend. We partied all summer. So I was so excited for ninth grade. It was our last year in junior high, I had a great best friend, and I was ready for a good time. Too bad I don't seem to learn from my mistakes.
There was a new boy that year, his name was Nick. He was every kind of wrong you can think of, and I knew it too. For some reason I didn't listen to my better judgment and said yes to "being his girlfriend". The same night he asked me, I went to the winter ninth grade night dance. (Nick didn't do the dance thing) Now, up until this point Michael had just sort of been a friend. He was in my English class, and we flirted a little here and there. But it was nothing big. I was not ready for what happened that night. At the dance I was out in the foyer calling Nick and in walked the best looking boy I had ever seen. He was wearing a tight fitting shirt with a pink tie.
My heart pounded in my chest as I tried to figure out who it was. As he walked closer I gasped as I realized it was Michael. Never had I felt this way towards him or any other boy for that matter. I slammed the phone shut and jumped up to talk to him. We flirted for a second and I made him promise to dance one dance with me. I then left him to go be with my friends but he never left my mind. While I was dancing with others, I found my self constantly looking for him. Hoping he would grab my hand and pull my aside. He didn't have to sweep me off my feet cause he had already done that. The D.J. announced that there were only about two or three songs left. I was devastated! "Maybe I came off too strong, maybe I don't look very good tonight, maybe he just had too go home" These were all the thoughts going through my head. I was trying to explain all this to Miranda, my best friend, when she flipped me around. Standing there in all his glory was that beautiful boy. I felt like my heart had left my chest. I felt sick and bursting with joy at the same time.
He asked me to dance with him, took my hand and lead me to the dance floor. In the back of my head I felt a little ashamed... I mean I was Nick's "girlfriend". But I could tell that Michael was so much better in more ways then one. If he would have asked me I would have called Nick right then and just stayed in Michael's arm. Unfortunately, he did not, and the songs as well as the dance ended.
At Miranda s house after, all my friends were telling me how good Michael and I looked together. They were pretty much begging me to leave Nick. I went home considering it, until I found out the next day that Michael was already taken. I was so sad, but I assumed it was for the better. For the next few months a string of events took place. Michael and I continued to grow close by becoming best friends. Nick fought with me so many times and I put up with it to keep myself occupied while waiting for michael. Michael and I would kiss secretly behind the school without anyone knowing. I fell in love with Michael. I was torn between letting him stay happily with his girlfriend and tearing him away to be with me.
This continued for several weeks until the World Fair. He came in the door and my heart did that thing it always does when I see him. By this time I had cut my loses and left Nick once and for all. He walked up to me and told me that he ended it with her! I was ecstatic!! I almost could not control my self I was so happy. But, to my surprise, he did not ask me to be his right away. It did come however, at the next night dance, the spring one, during the song Fall For You. He leaned in close and asked me to be with him. I looked right into his eyes and said yes. We have been inseparable ever since, and that was a year and five months ago! Yes, it has been hard just like any relationship. But he is the one, I just know it.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Internship Journal #3

I had a really fun two weeks! I got to learn all about doing washes and painting. When I started this, I was really only in the painting class to see a different teaching method. However, now that I have actually learned something and have experienced painting, I am finding that I really enjoy it. I had never had the chance to learn painting, or even do anything with it. I also got to learn how to unload the kiln. I was very excited about that because that directly relates to what I want to be. I seem to be getting a little closer to Sari, I think I just needed to take action and just do it. Some times I do find it a little frustrating when they ask me to explain something to the class, and then they go up and say the same exact thing I just did. Maybe I am not doing a good enough job explaining, it just makes me so frustrated. However I just found out that I get to go on a field trip with my painting students to the U’s art museum! I am very excited. Obviously I have gone on field trips as a student but never as a teacher. It is going to be a great learning experience and I am looking forward to it.

I talked to both Ruth and Sari about their confidentiality issues. Ruth told me that the hardest thing for her is her special treatment students. She says that some of them you would not know had anything wrong and it’s hard not to show special treatment. Also, grades are a big one for both. You can not post any grades that have names attached them. They always have to be with student numbers or some other code. You can’t discuss other kids’ grades with a student. It is not as big of a problem, especially in an art class, compared to like a math class.

Monday, October 5, 2009


I bought a candle today. It is called Mulled Cider, and I absolutely love it! In reality, I love all candles. They make walking into a room so much more fun. Sometimes, weird people get really nasty smelling ones, but it still makes the room more interesting. I like getting a candle to match the season. I really want to get a pumpkin smelling one for Halloween and Thanksgiving, and then have the cider one for Christmas and into January. Candles always make your room, or house, feel more alive. Not so much like a house, but more like a place that is bursting with life and has a story to tell. Usually, when you smell a candle it will bring an emotion on, or perhaps a memory. For example when I smell my cider candle, it makes me feel all warm and cozy inside. It makes me want to sit in front of a fire and watch the snow fall. However, if I smell a sugar cookie one, it reminds me of my mom and always thinking she was cooking some. Only to be disappointed and more hungry when I found out it was only a candle.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Here I am, on a Wednesday night, sitting for my dad. I am not complaining because it's not much work. The only child is my baby sister who goes to sleep at 8, and my dad is not leaving until 8:45. So its not really a problem. It is just so boring!! There is never anything to do, so I usually just eat. However, there are not many snacks here at my dad's home. I guess I could watch T.V., but I am sick of all the crap that is on. I suppose I could do homework, but lets be honest, is that really going to happen?? All I have is art history, and maybe a little math. That is the extent of my evening. Oh man, I am living the good life.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Glass by Ellen Hopkins

Glass is the book that follows Crank. It continues with Kristina/Bree's story of her struggle with the monster. Reading this book has been a very eye opening experience for me. It has made me so afraid of drugs, and in some ways sex. In this book she believes she is in love with this boy. But to me it seems like they are just using each other to get off. Then when the other is gone, they just get it from someone else. I never want that to happen to me. I want every part of my life to be filled with love and true wanting. Whether it is sex or simply just watching late night t.v. I really felt sorry for the girl in this book. I wanted to reach inside the story and shake her. I wanted to beg her to step out of herself for two seconds and look at the mess she has made. However I know that even if I did do that, she would never be able to see what I can see. This book has really wrapped me in its crushing arms and has really made me think. Not only think about what I can do to help people like her, but also think about choices I have made that brought me close to the same fate. It is interesting to see how a happy life can be shattered in one kiss, one hug, or even one word. Ellen Hopkins did a great job at showing this to her readers.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Sickness Sent By The Devil

I absolutely and completely HATE being sick! Maybe it is because I never get sick, so when I do it is really bad. However, the common cold has no purpose in our lives what so ever. I believe that it was sent as a curse on us from the the devil. Really, all it does is make us miserable. We get headaches, stuffy noses, runny noses, and lose our voices. It is so very annoying. I think at this moment I would wish that there was no such thing as a cold. I feel like I am dying. Dying a slow, painstaking death that I simply have to watch myself go through. It is terrible.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Internship Journal #2

These past two weeks have been very different than the first few days I was there. However, it is still rather hard. I think that because I am the same age and go to the same school, it is hard for the students to accept me as their teacher for that period. On Wednesday I had to take over the class because there was a sub. The students did not really seem too comfortable with that. I am still trying to figure out how to get to that point. Maybe it will just come in time, or maybe there is something that I need to be doing differently. I am not quite sure. Students aside, I am really enjoying my time there. I have been learning so much and am always so excited to go the next day. There is always something for me to be doing. I love being in this atmosphere and being apart of something that helps me so much. I feel like I have been able to make a much better connection with both the teachers. Comfort with them is defiantly coming faster then comfort with the students is. It sometimes gets tricky because I may feel like I know something, but I have to come up with questions anyways. I am always amazed to find that even though I thought I knew, I will always learn something. But I have had to really push my self to get there.

In both periods there have been some students that have been talking when they are not supposed to be, or when I am talking. I would much rather let them talk, and have them think I am the “cool” teacher. However, I know that I need to enforce the rules the same way the regular teacher would. Every time I have had to ask a student to stop talking or get them back on task it puts me out of my comfort zone. Hopefully that feeling will pass in time, and it will come easy to me. When I see my teachers do it, it looks so easy. I know now that it’s not that way. I really have to assert my self and not let them walk all over me.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Jingle Bells, Winter Smells

I am a girl who absolutely adores the summer. So, naturally, I despise the winter. I loath being cold and having to trudge through the snow. Now don't get me wrong, I very much enjoy Christmas. But, that is for another day. Today, I am simply expressing my hate for winter. Everything is just so wet, damp, and groggy. Every one you talk to either has a stuffy nose, a runny nose, or a cough. Because every single person you come in contact with has some sort of illness, there is no saving your self. It must be some law some where that every winter you must get sick once. It never fails either. Go ahead and try to stay well, but I promise you that you will get a seed of that infectious disease known as "The Cold". There are some good things about winter...I guess. Things like snowboarding, skiing and sledding. However, I do not find pleasure in any of these things. First, I tried skiing once, and it was a horrifying experience. Second, I can not ever get into sledding because I don't like getting soaked by all that snow. And last, well I can't fully speak for snowboarding yet seeing as how I have not gone yet. My boyfriend, Michael, is supposed to take me this year. I will have to write about my "punishment" after I do that. Untill then, however, I will remain an anti-snow..woman, and stay faithful to my dear summer.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Tragedy/ Comedy of the Chocolate

So, for Christmas last year my dad got me a brand new Chocolate. I fell in love with that phone! It was the best phone ever. It was red, sleek, and shiny. I worshiped that phone. However, I was horrified to find out that one of the prongs in the charger port had gotten bent so it would not take the charge. Since I am not on Verizon (I have Cricket and just got it flashed) there was nothing they could do to fix it. My poor chocolate was going to die right there in my hands and there was nothing I could do to save it. My other problem was that if my Chocolate died then I would be left without a phone. Lucky for me, my old phone still worked...for the most part. Yes it could call and yes it could text. That is basically all you need right? Well, there is one other thing you need, and that is a battery. My phone had a battery, but it lasted maybe two hours if I just let it sit there. At least it was a phone though, and at least I wasn't paying a bill for a turned off phone. So there I was with a brick phone that pretty much only served as a paper weight. One terrible day, I got angry. No, that is not the terrible part. What happened to make it so was that I could not control my anger. I decided that my phone was trying to hurt me and I threw it in my rage. The battery popped off which I assumed it would. When I went to pick it up and put it back together I noticed a small, black, speaker looking thing. It took me a few seconds, but I realized that speaker belonged in my phone. It seems I had cast out my speaker in a blind rage. Instead of being angry at my mom, I was so upset with my self. I had a brick that could sometimes call and text. Now all I had was a brick that maybe would stay alive enough for a text. I came to the conclusion that it was time to get a new phone. So I started looking on KSL. I wanted another Chocolate more than anything, but all the ones I found were too expensive. So, I settled on a pink and black Samsung. I went to the mall to flash it to Cricket. I was so excited to finally have a phone back. The next day I called, they said they had spent three hours trying to flash it but it would not take the flash. I was crushed like a kid on Christmas that only gets coal. Back to KSL I went, ever ever searching. Finally I found it! My version on Chocolate, white and only 40 dollars. Dang! If only it were 30, then it would be mine. I made the call that change my cell phone less fate. The lady was really quite friendly, and I was able to get her to lower her price to 30. Yes, success! I was ecstatic and thrilled. We met up on a Saturday morning, and today I got it all set up. No more is Shey Reynolds a brick cell phone girl. Man, it feels good to be free!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Cars, Cars, Cars.... Oh Boy Cars

Cars drive me crazy!!! I am not talking about the cute Disney movie; I mean my car. It is killing me. All the problems that need fixing and the money that allows those to get fixed... I just can not keep up. Luckily I have my amazing father who really never lets me down. He bought me my car as my very late sixteenth birthday present with the agreement that I would take care of the "bills" after that. So far the only thing I have paid for is my gas. (And that's enough to break the bank I swear). Yes, there has been plenty to fix, but every time my dad has taken my place at the plate and hit a home run for me.
Some days I do wish I had a nicer car. My boyfriend has a 2000 white Camaro with some very nice accessories, and his car makes me quite jealous. However, I really appreciate my little Nissan Altima. She has really pulled through and been there for me. Sure she has her problems, but the Camaro does to. It seems to me that the problems on the Camaro are more expensive than my problems on the Altima. I know I should not complain. At least I have a car when some don't. At least my car works and is not just sitting in my drive way. Even though my car has stuggles and gives me a massive head ache, I still love it and will continue to take the best of care for it.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Internship Journal #1

I have had a great experience these past few days. A lot of what I am doing is what I expected but I never thought I would feel the things I do. The first day was the most nerve racking. I was so scared although I am not sure why. I was introduced as Miss. Reynolds and did a few odd end things like running to get things or taking role. I sometimes find it a little frustrating that I do jobs that maybe a teachers aid would do. When I feel that way, I step back and realize that that is part of the process and I need to accept it. I have made a very good connection with the first teacher, Ruth, but it has been much harder to feel that same way with Sari. I find that Ruth is egger to show me something or tell me how she does things. However I have to push my self with Sari. She is much more passive and I have to ask all the questions and ask for things to do. Because it is a studio class there is a lot of work time, so I have to fill up my time with something. I do think it is still fun. I have learned a lot from both teachers, even if I am asking all the questions. I hope that I will be able to be good at the things I am taking over. I also hope that the students will get more comfortable with me being there. I am sure that they are still not quite used to it.

My work place is quite messy because they are both art studio class rooms. That does make it hard for me to know how to dress. There is a lot of work time which I like and don’t like at the same time. It is nice to be able to walk around the class room and talk to the kids, answer any questions, or just observe them. Also, work time is a great time to talk to the teacher about any questions I have for them. I take notes and while they are teaching a lesson I may jot something down and ask them about it when they are done. It is hard for me to get comfortable in my work place simply because it is my school and these are students my age. I really enjoy being in that situation, however weird that may seem. I like the challenge of getting out of my comfort zone. I am so used to working with little kids because of all my little brothers and sisters; I need the experience of working with teens.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Among the Hidden by Margaret Peterson Haddix

This is a very moving book. Among the Hidden is a book about a time in the close future when our country became too poor. The president came up with a law that stated that families were only allowed to have two children per family. This way there would be enough food to go around so no one would starve. Even though this law was in place, there were still families that went a head and had more than two. Most only had one more, but a few had two extra. The children that were born after the first two were called shadow children. Mothers had to give birth to them in their homes as not to be found out. The family could never talk about their secret brother or sister and the shadow child could never leave home. In this book, the first in the series, the story focuses on a boy named Luke and his fight to freedom. Now, I know this sounds like a depressing book; sometimes it is. However, with the way that it is written, you get so wrapped up in the story that you don't notice the sadness. Instead you cheer him on as he crosses the field for the first time. You anticipate what will happen between him and Jen, and you grieve with him when he hears the news of her death. You feel for the character. Often I would find my self wondering what I would do in his situation, I don't have an answer. The book ends with Luke leaving home, under a fake I.D., to join an all boys school. A suspenseful ending that goes hand in hand with the rest of the book.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Crank by Ellen Hopkins

This is one of my favorite books of all time. It is called Crank by Ellen Hopkins. This is the first book of a series of books similar to this one. Although there is only one other book continues that the story in this particular book, the rest are just as intriguing. The book is 537 pages long. I know that sounds like a lot, but they go by fast. I finished the book a day or so after getting it. Each page is set up in a different format. It is not just reading left to right and down the page. She has written it like it is a poem. In sections. It doesn't rhyme, but it sometimes has hidden messages. Enough about how it is written. That is not the main reason of why I love it. I mostly love it for the way she writes. She is not afraid to be real, or raw. You can feel the emotion steaming off the page. Also, it is very easy to find a way to connect to the characters. But maybe that is just me. Crank is about a young teen girl who has a run-in with "the monster" and jumps on the highway straight to hell. Now I know your wondering how in the world I could relate to that. Its really simple, some of the thoughts she has I can understand. And some of her reasoning behind some actions I can agree with. This book was very very well written. Although it does get a little graphic, I would defiantly recommend it to be read. After reading this, you will never want to look in the same direction as drugs.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Cooper B. Bakly

So, I have this dog named Cooper. His nick name is Bear though. (Well, I am the only one that calls him that.) I love him! He is the cutest little cockier spaniel ever. He is only about 14 weeks old and loves us all to death. His fur is a Carmel chocolate brown with a small patch of white on his nose and on his chest. Kind of like he is wearing it like a scarf or something. However, my favorite part about him is his feet. They are the best. In stead of having straight, normal feet, they point outwards. Almost as if he has ballerina feet. When I have had a really long or hard day he always seems to know. He will run up to me or snuggle in my lap, as cozy as ever, and it just makes me smile. The best is when I am playing with him and he tries to paw my face. I know it does not sound that great, but it makes me feel like he is really enjoying playing with me. It helps me give him more personality. Also, when you are scratching his chin or under his ears, he will wrap his paws around your arm like his doesn't want you to go. He always makes me smile and always makes me feel wanted. Even if no one else does. Sometimes, usually on Saturday, he will some how get into my room while I am still asleep. Even though i know I have a million things on the floor that would interest him, he runs straight to my face. After he gets me up he smashes him self against my head. Or finds a way to get under my covers. When I give him "that look" he gives me a look to. A look that seems to say Please let me stay. I promise I will be good! Some days I do let him stay. But only for a minute or two. He is still a puppy and like most puppies, he does not stay in one place for long. Cooper loves to explore even though he may have just explored it that same morning. Everything seems to fascinate him. Of course, he is not always smiles and giggles. He can get on your nerves. Like when he gets in the trash can and starts ripping up things you really did not want ripped up. Or when he has an "accident" on the carpet in the living room. Especially when he treats your little brothers like chew toys. I guess they kind of had it coming but still, it gets ya ticked. But no matter what my dog does, I still love him to death. And something tells me he loves me to.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Raniy Days

I love being out in the sun just as much as the next girl. But every once in a while its nice to have a burst of those dark gray beasts. Rain can be so healing. It can be a time to finish projects in side that you have forgotten about. It can be a good nap time. But what I like to use them for is play time. When rain comes i slap on some rain boots (or no shoes), grab a light coat and dash out side. My sister and I always find the biggest puddles and have splashing contests. That little car that passes always seems to be the winner. However, if for some reason you are not in a splish-splash mood, rainy days are still very useful an a lot of fun. Who doesn't like curling up in a warm blanket with a good book and hearing the rain out side. Or snuggling in bed to nap and falling asleep to the rhythm of the pat, pat, pat on your window. Even just making some coco and sitting by the window, watching it fall can be very relaxing. Some times, a good long rainy day is just what your body needed.