Wednesday, October 21, 2009

End of Term

This week is the end of the term. That means that school is 1/4 of the way done!! Which means I am that much closer to being a senior. Even though I love that we have the year split up into sections, it is just so stressful! Making sure you have the grade you want and getting all your stuff in on time. Students were supposed to do all that long before this week, but we are all guilty of procrastinating. I am not as concerned as is see my peers are. What is killing me is all the end of the term tests. Maybe I had done great on all my homework and tests up to that point, but along comes that dreaded beast daring to squash your grade flat! I am a horrible test taker for one; I break under pressure. So I feel that these tests are just created by the devil to kick me off my high horse. Not all tests are the same because some are easier than others. However the ones like math, art history, and U.S. history really kill me! I took my math test and got a C, (Much better than my first test) and that kept me at a B+ which I am totally happy with. I also have taken my art history test and I am sure I bombed that one. Luckily I did an extra credit assignment that was worth 50 extra credit points. So I am pretty covered there. Now all thats left is my U.S. history one. I am confident that I will do alright because the teacher is very nice, I just don't feel like I know all the material. So that is where I stand with the end of the term. But hey, only 3 more terms to go!!!!

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