Thursday, October 8, 2009

Internship Journal #3

I had a really fun two weeks! I got to learn all about doing washes and painting. When I started this, I was really only in the painting class to see a different teaching method. However, now that I have actually learned something and have experienced painting, I am finding that I really enjoy it. I had never had the chance to learn painting, or even do anything with it. I also got to learn how to unload the kiln. I was very excited about that because that directly relates to what I want to be. I seem to be getting a little closer to Sari, I think I just needed to take action and just do it. Some times I do find it a little frustrating when they ask me to explain something to the class, and then they go up and say the same exact thing I just did. Maybe I am not doing a good enough job explaining, it just makes me so frustrated. However I just found out that I get to go on a field trip with my painting students to the U’s art museum! I am very excited. Obviously I have gone on field trips as a student but never as a teacher. It is going to be a great learning experience and I am looking forward to it.

I talked to both Ruth and Sari about their confidentiality issues. Ruth told me that the hardest thing for her is her special treatment students. She says that some of them you would not know had anything wrong and it’s hard not to show special treatment. Also, grades are a big one for both. You can not post any grades that have names attached them. They always have to be with student numbers or some other code. You can’t discuss other kids’ grades with a student. It is not as big of a problem, especially in an art class, compared to like a math class.

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