Sunday, September 13, 2009

Cars, Cars, Cars.... Oh Boy Cars

Cars drive me crazy!!! I am not talking about the cute Disney movie; I mean my car. It is killing me. All the problems that need fixing and the money that allows those to get fixed... I just can not keep up. Luckily I have my amazing father who really never lets me down. He bought me my car as my very late sixteenth birthday present with the agreement that I would take care of the "bills" after that. So far the only thing I have paid for is my gas. (And that's enough to break the bank I swear). Yes, there has been plenty to fix, but every time my dad has taken my place at the plate and hit a home run for me.
Some days I do wish I had a nicer car. My boyfriend has a 2000 white Camaro with some very nice accessories, and his car makes me quite jealous. However, I really appreciate my little Nissan Altima. She has really pulled through and been there for me. Sure she has her problems, but the Camaro does to. It seems to me that the problems on the Camaro are more expensive than my problems on the Altima. I know I should not complain. At least I have a car when some don't. At least my car works and is not just sitting in my drive way. Even though my car has stuggles and gives me a massive head ache, I still love it and will continue to take the best of care for it.

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