Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Jingle Bells, Winter Smells

I am a girl who absolutely adores the summer. So, naturally, I despise the winter. I loath being cold and having to trudge through the snow. Now don't get me wrong, I very much enjoy Christmas. But, that is for another day. Today, I am simply expressing my hate for winter. Everything is just so wet, damp, and groggy. Every one you talk to either has a stuffy nose, a runny nose, or a cough. Because every single person you come in contact with has some sort of illness, there is no saving your self. It must be some law some where that every winter you must get sick once. It never fails either. Go ahead and try to stay well, but I promise you that you will get a seed of that infectious disease known as "The Cold". There are some good things about winter...I guess. Things like snowboarding, skiing and sledding. However, I do not find pleasure in any of these things. First, I tried skiing once, and it was a horrifying experience. Second, I can not ever get into sledding because I don't like getting soaked by all that snow. And last, well I can't fully speak for snowboarding yet seeing as how I have not gone yet. My boyfriend, Michael, is supposed to take me this year. I will have to write about my "punishment" after I do that. Untill then, however, I will remain an anti-snow..woman, and stay faithful to my dear summer.

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