Monday, September 28, 2009

Glass by Ellen Hopkins

Glass is the book that follows Crank. It continues with Kristina/Bree's story of her struggle with the monster. Reading this book has been a very eye opening experience for me. It has made me so afraid of drugs, and in some ways sex. In this book she believes she is in love with this boy. But to me it seems like they are just using each other to get off. Then when the other is gone, they just get it from someone else. I never want that to happen to me. I want every part of my life to be filled with love and true wanting. Whether it is sex or simply just watching late night t.v. I really felt sorry for the girl in this book. I wanted to reach inside the story and shake her. I wanted to beg her to step out of herself for two seconds and look at the mess she has made. However I know that even if I did do that, she would never be able to see what I can see. This book has really wrapped me in its crushing arms and has really made me think. Not only think about what I can do to help people like her, but also think about choices I have made that brought me close to the same fate. It is interesting to see how a happy life can be shattered in one kiss, one hug, or even one word. Ellen Hopkins did a great job at showing this to her readers.

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